Energy Efficiency &
Clean Energy

The consulting firm has provided consulting, training, implementation, and advisory services in Guatemala for the certification of ISO 50001, Lean Energy, and GRI, the most widely used standards in the world. In fact, our Sr. Energy Efficiency Consultant assigned to this project, MSc. Rodrigo Gonzalez-Rivas, led the initial implementation and achieved the first ISO 50001 certification in Central America and the second in Latin America for an industrial manufacturing facility.

Strategic Planning &
Business Plans

The consulting firm has expertise in formulating and executing strategic plans that guide organizations toward their goals, as well as developing sound and viable business plans that support business growth and innovation.

Feasibility Studies for Bankable Projects

Consult Centroamericana has been involved in evaluating and conducting feasibility studies for projects that have the potential to be financed by banks or other investment sources.

Living Wage & Corporate Social Responsibility Studies

Consult Centroamericana has contributed to the analysis of the cost of living and consumer price indexes, providing a deeper understanding of economic and social dynamics. The agro-industrial group Agroamerica has received several certifications thanks to a pioneering study by Consult Centroamericana.

Forestry, Environment & Climate Change Financial Instruments

Consult Centroamericana has ventured into advisory services related to financial instruments that address environmental and climate change issues, offering innovative approaches to sustainable development.

Advice to Senior Management, Senior Finance & Boards of Directors

Consult Centroamericana has provided strategic guidance and advice at the executive and board level, helping organizations make informed and strategic decisions.

Macroeconomic & Microeconomic Studies

The consulting firm has conducted detailed analyses of the economy at various scales, providing valuable information for informed decision-making. Through its comprehensive approach and proven track record, Consult Centroamericana continues to play a vital role in the development and success of organizations in the region, contributing to the economic and business growth of Central America.