Our History

For more than twenty years we have been actively working in strengthening enterprises and in microfinance activities, having even adopted the figure of Acting Manager, where the advisor is given the power and authority to make changes for a period of time. In this line of work, we have actively participated in microfinance entities, in the strengthening of companies of different sizes. In addition, we have worked with international cooperation in various programs such as the Social Entrepreneurship Program of the IDB-PES. It has also participated in the Ministry of Economy's trust fund, which is a second-tier fund to support financial intermediaries that strengthen entrepreneurship. Recently, Consult Centroamericana has been working on climate change issues, Living Wage proposals, strategic planning and corporate governance, as well as feasibility studies. corporate governance, as well as feasibility studies for bankable projects, and technical and engineering studies and consulting, and process digitalization and Industry 4.0. In line with its mission, Consult Centroamericana is dedicated to providing specialized advice in the creation and execution of strategies related to the financial, economic, technological and sustainable spheres. This mission not only responds to the vision of its founders, but also stems from the need to offer solutions and guidance to companies and organizations seeking to excel in an increasingly challenging and dynamic business environment. For more than twenty years, Consult Centroamericana has built up a solid track record of work and success in a number of key areas.